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Mike & Jo Baird have worked in the hunting industry for over 34 years. They are the owners of B&B Taxidermy in Houston, Texas which specializes in mounting american, african and exotic animals, as well as designing customized trophy rooms. Along with their son Frank, they have traveled many continents guiding their customers on safaris and other hunts. ​ Mike has been hunting from an very young age. Always loving the outdoors, and specificly the whittailed deer. In 2007 Mike and Jo decided to bring their love of hunting to other families and clients by opening the Triple B Ranch.

Mike Baird started hunting when he was 5 years old. He loved animals and everything about them. He took his first class of taxidermy with Kent Betts in 1979, in Ag Resource at Cy Creek High School. And that did it … he was hooked. Mike continued hanging around a local taxidermist shop and helping with anything that they would let him do. He just seemed to be a natural for taxidermy. He studied the animals in the wild and knew what they should look like when mounted.

Then in 1983 Mike started his own taxidermy business along with his good friend Leonard Bayer (the other B). Leonard was an avid hunter and had gone to Africa at least once a year. B & B has grown since its humble beginnings and now has grown into a thriving business, thanks to Mike's hard work and long hours. He now takes his clients and family overseas, hunts yearly, as well as doing lots of local deer and bird hunting. Mike still has that love for the animals, which shows in every mount that goes out the doors of B & B Taxidermy.

Jo Baird -  Mike and I married in 1982. He lost his job as a machinist 2 weeks after we were wed and did everything to find a job somewhere else.

He came home one day and said "I'm gonna be a taxidermist!" Not quite understanding what he meant... I replied "What? Your gonna do taxes?" Needless to say I've learned a lot about taxidermy since then and our family business has treated us well.

Frank Baird – Frank is Mike and Jo's son and he has been involved with the business since birth. Frank has traveled with Mike and Jo on many hunting expeditions to Africa and New Zealand, as well as many other hunting opportunities in the US. These experiences have helped Frank to have a more anatomical hand's on approach to taxidermy.

He graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2011. Since graduation, Frank has been training to manage the company in his father's footsteps. He can handle any mount, from an elephant to a squirrel. He has also been trained by Mike to design and organize trophy rooms, and to accommodate any matter in the shop.

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